Astralean (Clenbuterol HCL) 40mcg x 50 Tablets Alpha Pharma Healthcare

Astralean (Clenbuterol HCL) 40mcg x 50 Tablets Alpha Pharma Healthcare
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Astralean is bronchodilator originally made for treating asthma but very commonly also used as a fat burner. It stimulates the body s Beta-2 receptors which in turn increases total metabolic activity and body heat. This means burning of more calories and fat. Buy Astralean has a positive effect on the protein synthesis and thus exhibits a very mild anabolic effect. While this effect is too small to notice any new muscle growth, it simply enhances the increased metabolic nature of this drug. Purchase Clenbuterol steroids also increases muscle power and is widely used in sports where explosive power is needed. Since the body adapts rather quickly to clenbuterol, it is recommended to cycle it in short periods and with various dosages.

Potency:  40mcg per tablet

Active ingredient:  Clenbuterol HCL

Packaging:  50 Tablets

Popular dosage:  40-120mcg per day in an on/off-pattern cycle, with an equal number of days on and off.

Performance:  Muscle gains  1/5
                         Strength and athletic power   3/5
                         Fat burn   4/5
                         Side effects  2/5

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