Oxydrolone 50mg x 50 Tablets (Anadrol) Alpha Pharma Healthcare

Oxydrolone 50mg x 50 Tablets (Anadrol) Alpha Pharma Healthcare
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Oxydrolone is one of the most powerful anabolic and androgenic steroids available. With a quick impact, It produces enormous gains in strength and muscle mass and it is not uncommon to experience an incredible increase of up to 1 lb. of weight gain per day during the first 3 weeks of a cycle. The number of red blood cells is increased with Buy Oxydrolone Anadrol steroids and a tremendous pump can be expected. Since a significant amount of mass gain often is lost upon cessation of use, it can be wisely recommended to employ Oxydrolone as a kick starter during the first 5-6 week of a cycle containing a combination of products. After the initial 5-6 weeks, and when the other steroids are at peak in their effects, the newly obtained Oxydrolone-induced mass gain will be sustained and better solidified at the end of the cycle. It is very beneficially stacked with injectable hormones to reach a synergistic effect. Also important to note that during a cutting and pre-contest period, Oxydrolone s strong anti-catabolic characteristic will allow athletes to go on very low-calorie diets and still retain muscle mass while losing fat.

Potency: 50mg per tablet

Active ingredient: Oxymetholone

Packaging: 50 Tablets

Popular dosage: 100mg per day

Performance:    Muscle gains 5/5
                          Strength and athletic power 5/5
                          Fat burn 3/5
                          Side effects: 3/5

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