Alphabol 10mg x 50 Tablets (Dbol) Alpha Pharma Healthcare

Alphabol 10mg x 50 Tablets (Dbol) Alpha Pharma Healthcare
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Alphabol is one of the most powerful and effective anabolic ever and is an all-time favorite among athletes. It is very anabolic, only moderately androgenic and via its mode of action, it has the ability to dramatically increase both protein synthesis and glycogenolysis very rapidly. This optimizes the body ability to better utilize protein and carbohydrates and buy Alphabol is able to sustain very high levels of nitrogen in the muscles, better then most other anabolic steroids. A constant and highly increased nitrogen balance will generate a massive perfect for a mass cycle which it is almost exclusively used for, but also for a cutting cycle where it will very effectively perverse lean muscle tissue on a low-calorie diet. Alphabol is a typically and with great advantage stacked wit either Testobolin/Testocyp an Nandro/Nandrobolin/NandroRapid. This popular 3-product stack has earned time proven credit for its extreme effectiveness for building an impressive amount of muscle mass.

Potency: 10mg per tablet

Active ingredient: Methandienone

Packaging: 50 Tablets

Popular dosage: 30-70mg per day, split into 2 0r 3 doses.

Performance: Muscle gains 5/5
                       Strength: 3/5
                       Fat burn: 1/5
                       Side effects: 3/5

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