Body Lean Peptide HGH Frag. + CJC 1295 2,1mg/vial 10 Vials

Body Lean Peptide HGH Frag. + CJC 1295 2,1mg/vial 10 Vials
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PEPTIDE 1 - HGH FRAG 176-191

The HGH FRAG 176-191 is a stabilized analogue of the growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) that induces growth hormone (GH) in a specific and physiological manner. To date, studies suggest that (HGH fragment 176-191) has several beneficial features: it reduces abdominal fat (in particular visceral fat), without compromising glycemic control (blood glucose), it increases muscle mass and improves the lipid profile. These characteristics make it an ideal candidate for the treatment of excess abdominal fat.


CJC-1295 Stimulates GH and IGF-1 Secretion, and will keep a steady increase of HGH and IGF-1 with no increase in prolactin.

It increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of new muscle tissue. Increases muscle mass (and physical strength if combined with moderate exercise) reduces wrinkling of the skin and some other effects of skin aging. Causes hyperplasia, the increase of more muscle cells. CJC-1295 promotes lipolysis, which results in the reduction of adipose tissue (body fat).

Effects of Body Lean:

Strenght : 3/5
Muscle Gain: 4/5
Fat/Water Loss: 5/5
Keep Gains: 4/5


To get the best results from the BODY LEAN, the right dose ought to be utilized and you ought to utilize it at the ideal time of day. BODY LEAN is best utilized for fat misfortune and incline mass improvement so it is prescribed to take an infusion before doing a cardio workout. The prescribed measurements is 350 mcg infused by a subcutaneous Injection. BODY LEAN likewise blazes fat during the evening while you are resting, to improve results take another dosage before going to bed.

Diet is Very Important:

Your eating regimen ought to likewise be low in sugars and higher in protein and great fats. Eat sound while utilizing the item, this will help you to lose fat while utilizing BODY LEAN and it will help you to keep the incline muscle pick up and after your cycle.