How to get steroid's safely in 2017?

How to get steroid's safely in 2017?

Steroids for sale and how to get them easily with ...

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) -


It is safe purchase steroids from you?

Yes. is professional online store which offers 100% genuine anabolic steroids worldwide!


How do I get products safely at my home/office address? team gives BIG attention to shipping system. You will get products 100% discretely on your home/office address. We get many positive reviews from our customers regarding packaging!


How long it takes to deliver to my home/office address?

Delivery time depends on which country you are in. Estimated delivery time is 8-10 business days. We provide to every customer TRACKING NUMBER and PICTURE of package, so you can trace your parcel anytime. We don’t ship parcels via EMS or any other “super fast” kind of shippment. That kind of shipment are very risky and is big possibility customs will seized on parcel. We think better wait 2-3 days more but get you package 100% safely!


Do I must be at home when package arrived?

No. You don’t need to be at home and if package arrived and nobody is at home postman will leave paper which tells package is waiting you in the nearest post office.



Which kind of payment methods you accept?

Because of security reasons we don’t want mention names of our payment methods but on checkout you will see it and you can choose one which is best solution for you. We can guarantee our payments methods is fair and secure for customers. ALL instructions how to pay for your order you will get automatically on e-mail after placing order.


What will happen if I place order and pay for it and you don’t have that product/s on stock?

As you can see on website we note “OUT OF STOCK” for every product which is not currently available and is not possible make checkout for that product. If from some unknown reason you place order for product which is not momentarily on stock we will inform you via e-mail for that and offer you same product from different pharmacy.


Did my personal information is safe with you?

(home address, name and surname)

Yes. Your personal information is safe with us 0-24h. We keep it only when we need it for shippment or when we want contact you. ONLY YOU can access it with your username and password on our website. PLEASE GIVE ATTENTION TO EMAIL-ADDRESS triple-check your email address which you need when you make registration on our website. On that way we can contact you every time and reply in short period of time on every your question!


Do you offer refund policy or re-ship policy?

We don’t REFUND MONEY for lost packages or delivered at wrong address by your mistake! We will re-ship package if you provide us letter and proof of seized parcel by custom, in that case we will re-ship package within 48 hours. (Our success rate of delivery is 99% WORLDWIDE!) So we know our job!


Do you ship in AUSTRALIA?

NO we don’t ship in Australia anymore and reason is simple, Australian customs give big attention to find anabolic steroids in parcels. (If somebody looking for something specific, it is impossible to hide it).


I don’t have experience with using steroids, can you help me with some advice?

Well, we think anabolic steroids are not “headache pills” If you want test and use anabolic steroids you should must read and learn about them before using. Is not bad idea ask for advice professional bodybuilder or doctor! On bodybuilding forums is great content from people who have experience with using anabolic steroids, you should need to read it! We provide you professional description for EVERY product on our website and there you can find popular dosages recommended from pharmacy which produce it!


Can I place order just for fun and check how much total order cost me?

NO NO and NO! Please understand that we are PROFESSIONAL ONLINE STORE, if you don’t have in plan pay for your order PLEASE don’t place it! If you need any information about costs, you will find every information at our website easily WITHOUT placing fake order!


If you have any other question which is not mention above, feel free to CONTACT US and we will reply as soon as possible on every your question!


Thank you very much for make business with us and trust in our work, without you this will not have sense!